Break in basketball shoes is one of the most important things any athlete can do to ensure they are playing at their peak performance. Not only will breaking in your basketball shoes help you avoid blisters and sores on your feet, but it could also give you an edge over opponents who don’t take the time to get their shoe game right.

With the right amount of effort, break-in time for a new pair of hoop shoes does not need to be long and arduous—all you need is our comprehensive guide for how to break in basketball shoes quickly and effectively. Read on for tips that will keep you running circles around your competition from the layup line all the way until crunch time!

But having the wrong shoes can be a nightmare, so make sure you choose wisely! Don’t waste time trying to break them in; find ones that fit your feet perfectly from the start.

Choose the Right Size of basketball shoe

Choosing the right size of basketball shoe is an essential first step for gaining the full performance benefits of a comfortable shoe during the sport. Basketball shoes need to fit snugly yet comfortably so they provide support and stability while one is cutting, jumping, and running.

Shoes that are too small can damage your feet and cause injury to your ankles, while shoes that are too big will create instability due to lack of grip and rub against the foot. Ensuring you buy the correct size is important to achieving maximum carryover from practice to game time.

Here are 7 tips to break in basketball shoes fast

1. Wear your new basketball shoes around the house

Wearing your basketball shoes around the house for a few hours before your first big game or outdoor activity is a simple step that will greatly increase your comfort while playing. Not only will this method help you prevent blisters, but it can make sure that the shoe’s fit is right for you and isn’t too tight.

Taking just this one extra step before wearing the shoes outdoors can give you more confidence when playing, ensuring you have the best experience possible. So don’t forget to break in that basketball shoes prior to your next game!

2. Stretch out your shoes by tying them tightly

The second way to break in your new basketball sneakers is to tie them tightly and stretch the laces out multiple times. Doing this stretches out the material which helps mold it to the shape of your foot for a comfortable feel. While breaking in sneakers does require some effort on your part, taking the time to do so will ensure that every step feels just right going forward.

3. Wear two pairs of socks

Wearing two pairs of socks when breaking into new basketball shoes can be a great idea, especially if the fit isn’t quite right yet. The extra padding is not only comfortable, but it could also help give the shoes a little more snug so you can be sure they won’t come off while playing.

Believe it or not, breaking in your shoes with two pairs of socks also retains the shoe’s shape and helps keep them from breaking down too quickly over time.

4. Dunk or jump up and down on a soft surface

Another great way to help break in shoes quickly and comfortably is to dunk or jump up and down on a soft surface, like a yoga mat. Doing this can help stretch out the material of the shoe and make it more malleable, helping it adapt to your foot faster than normal wear-and-tear would.

This approach is especially helpful if breaking in dress shoes, which are more rigid, where regular wear won’t be enough to make breaking them an easy process.

5. Do Some Drills in Your New Basketball Shoes

You can break in your new basketball sneaker by doing some drills. Drill exercises will allow your feet to break into the new sneaker as well as make sure they fit correctly. Additionally, these exercises equip you with strength training which is essential for any position on the court.

As an added bonus, some drills also focus on agility and coordination, improving both your footwork and overall basketball skills. So if you find yourself with a new pair of shoes for basketball, don’t forget to break them in properly by doing some drills!

6. Use shoe inserts or arch supports if needed

Inserts or arch supports can be used to alleviate pressure points and guarantee a comfortable fit while wearing the shoes. They are a great tool for those with especially sensitive feet and provide extra cushioning, especially when breaking in stiff new basketball shoes.

Even if your shoes already provide enough support, inserts or arch supports can provide an added layer of comfort and help them better conform to the shape of your feet, so you can walk without discomfort.

7. Be patient – it may take a few weeks for your new shoes to feel broken in

While breaking into new shoes can sometimes be an arduous process, it doesn’t have to be. The most important thing when breaking into new shoes is to remember to remain patient. It may take a few weeks for the leather to form around your feet and for there to no longer be any stiffness or tightness.

In the meantime, you can stretch out the material with special products such as shoe stretchers, which have proven useful in breaking into many types of footwear. Above all else, just remember to stay patient and know that your shoes will eventually feel like they were made specifically for you – with enough time!

Why Do Basketball Shoes Hurt My Feet?

Breaking in new basketball shoes can be a rite of passage for any player, but it doesn’t have to be a painful process. Before hitting the court, it’s important to give your shoes time to conform to your feet.

Try the shoes on for size when you first receive them but avoid playing in them until your feet and ankles have had time to adjust. This will prevent any discomfort or blisters from forming.

To prevent discomfort, make sure to give your new basketball shoes ample time to mold to your feet before playing in them. It’s best to try them on for size at the store, but avoid actually playing in them until your feet and ankles have adjusted. Wearing an ankle brace can also help alleviate pain during games.

If pain persists despite these precautions, it may be necessary to seek medical advice. A doctor or physical therapist can provide additional solutions and help to address any underlying conditions that may be contributing to the pain.

How long should it take to break in basketball shoes?

It’s recommended to give yourself ample time to break in your basketball shoes before your season begins. Ideally, you should aim to purchase your shoes at least 3 weeks prior to your first game. This allows you to gradually adjust to the new shoes and reduce the risk of discomfort or injury.

It’s important to note that every player is different and some may break in their shoes more quickly than others. However, allowing for a full 3 weeks as a buffer will ensure that you have enough time to properly adjust to your new shoes. Avoid making the mistake of purchasing new shoes just a few days before your season starts, as this may lead to discomfort and hinder your performance on the court.

Should you break in new basketball shoes?

Yes, it is recommended to break in new basketball shoes before playing to prevent injury or discomfort.

Do NBA players break in their shoes?

Yes, Some NBA players do break in their shoes before playing to ensure they fit comfortably and provide proper support.


Breaking in your basketball shoes is a crucial step in ensuring a comfortable and injury-free season. By following the 7 tips provided, you can quickly and effectively break in your shoes, allowing you to focus on your game with confidence.

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