The typical length of an NBA game is around two and a half hours. This includes all the stoppage time for fouls, free throws, and timeouts. Despite the elongated duration of the game compared to other sports, spectators remain engaged throughout and are rarely bored as there are so many thrilling moments to look forward to clutch shots, fan-favorite dunks, brilliant in-game strategy adjustments, and even unexpected player substitutions.

The added bonus with basketball games is that fans can join in with various cheers and chants that help make the atmosphere electric. Clearly, even though the average NBA game may lead you off into the uncharted territory of a three-hour adventure.

How many quarters in NBA Game?

There are 4 quarters in an NBA game, each 12 minutes long.

How long are breaks between quarters in basketball?


130 seconds between the 1st and 2nd quarters, the 3rd and 4th quarters and the 4th quarter and overtime. There is a 15 minutes break at half-time.


Most professional competitions except the USA’s follow FIBA rules. FIBA world championships and the Olympics are played under FIBA rules.

2 minutes between the 1st and 2nd quarters, the 3rd and 4th quarters and the 4th quarter and overtime. 15 minutes break at half-time.


15-minute break at halftime. There are no other breaks in the game as there are 20-minute halves rather than 4 quarters in the NCAA.

How many games are in the NBA regular season?

Before each NBA season, teams warm up by putting their skills to the test in practice games. Once they are well-prepared, it’s time for a grueling regular season – with 82 exciting and intense matchups between all 30 teams across 1230 total contests.

With every win comes an opportunity to advance further into the playoffs: four thrilling rounds that could include up to 28 games if necessary! To top off this exhilarating winter of professional basketball is one star-studded All-Star game right at the midseason peak.

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