The NBA G League, formerly known as the NBA Development League, is a minor league basketball organization that serves as a stepping stone for aspiring basketball players to make it to the NBA. The league features 29 teams and is designed to provide a platform for players to develop their skills, gain experience, and ultimately make it to the big leagues.

Understanding the NBA G League salary structure is essential for aspiring basketball players who are considering pursuing a career in the league. This article provides an overview of the NBA G League salary scale, opportunities for advancement, challenges faced by G League players, and strategies for maximizing earnings.

Understanding the NBA G League Salary Scale

The NBA G League salary scale is structured differently from the NBA’s. While NBA players are paid a minimum of $2,905,851 G League players are paid significantly less.

Shams Charania of The Athletic has recently reported via Twitter that there will be an increase in salaries for players in the NBA G League for the upcoming 2022/23 season. As per the report, players who dedicate the entire season to the NBAGL will now earn a total of $40,500, which marks a noteworthy increase. This is the first time in the G League’s history that players will have an average salary of over $40,000.

One way contract

One-way contracts are the most common type of contract in the G League. These contracts guarantee a player’s salary and allow them to be called up to the NBA at any time. Two-way contracts, on the other hand, allow players to split their time between the G League and the NBA.

Two way contract

Players on two-way contracts earn a prorated NBA salary for the days they spend with the NBA team and a G League salary for the rest of the time.

Exhibit 10 contracts

Exhibit 10 contracts are non-guaranteed contracts that allow NBA teams to invite players to their training camp with the possibility of being converted to a two-way contract or signed to the G League.

Factors Affecting G League Salaries

Players with more experience in the league and those who have played in the NBA before are more likely to earn higher salaries. The value of a player in the G League is also affected by their performance on the court, as well as their potential to develop and make it to the NBA.

Player agents play an important role in negotiating contracts and securing higher salaries for their clients. The market demand for players also affects salaries, as teams compete to sign the best players. Additionally, players who are assigned to the G League by their NBA teams may earn more than those who sign directly with a G League team.

Opportunities for Advancement in the G League

The ultimate goal for most G League players is to make it to the NBA. While it is not guaranteed that every G League player will make it to the NBA, the league provides a pathway for players to showcase their skills and potentially catch the eye of an NBA team. Players who perform well in the G League and impress NBA teams may receive a call-up to the NBA, which results in a significant increase in salary.

Pathways to making it to the NBA from the G League

There are several ways for players to advance from the G League to the NBA. One way is by signing a standard NBA contract with an NBA team. This can happen either during the regular season or during the off-season.

Another way is by being signed to a 10-day contract, which allows NBA teams to add depth to their rosters for a short period of time. Finally, players can be signed to a two-way contract, which allows them to split time between their NBA team and their G League team.


How do G League salaries compare to NBA salaries?

G League salaries are significantly lower than NBA salaries, with the average G League player earning around $35,000 per year compared to the NBA minimum salary of $925,258.

Can G League players negotiate their salaries?

No, G League players cannot negotiate their salaries as they are determined by the league’s collective bargaining agreement.

How many games do G League players play in a season?

G League teams play a 50-game regular season schedule, with an additional playoffs tournament for top-performing teams.

Do G League players receive any benefits?

G League players receive a variety of benefits, including housing, insurance, and travel expenses.

What is the minimum age for playing in the G League?

The minimum age for playing in the G League is 18 years old.

Is it possible for G League players to play for international teams?

Yes, it is possible for G League players to play for international teams during the offseason.


Understanding the salary structure and career opportunities in the NBA G League is crucial for players looking to pursue a career in professional basketball. While the G League offers many benefits, including options for skill development and pathways to the NBA, there are also potential drawbacks to consider, such as lower salaries and a demanding schedule.

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